Design is where science and art break even. — Robin Mathew

“What is your process?” is probably the most popular question asked to any designer. It’s rarely completely linear; often, it’s cyclical and an ongoing process. Here’s mine!

  1. Plan

I’m a huge advocate of getting all key people together so there is no future confusion/disagreement on requirements, goals, and strategy.

3. Users

Creating personas and journeys help the key stakeholders understand the strategy and flow in a clear way.

5. Prototype

Through Sketch/Photoshop, I create or use an existing UI library and bring the designs into InVision for clickable prototypes.

 7. Deploy

Once live, testing must continue until KPIs are reached. A new design should always “sit for awhile” so users can get used to change.

2. Discovery

I audit the current product by looking at the site map, user journey, analytics, competitors, and creating a new site architecture.

  4. Wireframes

Wireframes are great for showing IA, layout, and relationship between elements before going into full-on design and prototype mode.

6. Test & iterate

Date-informed, not data-driven. Quantitative or qualitative testing are crucial to understanding how users interact with the experience: test, iterate, test again!