The LenSx® Laser is a femtosecond laser system used in cataract surgery. It’s used for its enhanced procedure automation, customizable and precise cuts, and has high-definition imaging for short treatment times (often under two minutes!).


HCB Health was tasked to create a simulation of the surgery through an iPad experience and a mouse-enabled Flash version. The iPad was still fairly new technology and had only been in the market for half a year, so we used the iOS GUI for toggles, forms, buttons, etc.


The tool enables sales reps and surgeons to get a sneak peek into the experience and actually test drive a real-life scenario. The experience features two patient scenarios with their unique surgery videos and then choose between a guided or exploration mode. All the videos, controls, and images are lifelike including placing cross-hairs and cut patterns. The app also notifies the user if the surgical decisions are correct with explanations throughout the experience.



Beautiful visual design was, unfortunately, the last priority. The main requirement was to build a working app, so we focused on making the user flow as linear and clear as possible.