To be honest, I’ve never truly loved creating logos. As every designer knows, iterations can become a canvas of a hundred variations where even the tiniest element matters. Perhaps the expansive possibility of them is terrifying, or I’ll come up with something better later (which has happened).

As of the last few years, I’ve somehow become a prolific dragon boat logo designer for all the teams I’ve been on. One of the best parts about the sport is the chance to paddle with other teams in different cities and even countries. At these races, jerseys are coveted, loved, hated, and traded; it’s exciting to see someone in Malaysia wearing a jersey I designed.

Austin Coolers dragon boat team

The Coolers are the only/premiere Austin dragon boat team and my my home club. Started in 2008, the team has grown and been succumbed to deal with my designs on everything we touch come across.

Lone Star Dragon Flyers

A small group of us started to travel outside of Texas to race with other teams. To help better explain that we were from different clubs, we started a traveling team.

Texas Storm

Another joint (Houston, Dallas, Austin) Texas team created to race in San Francisco 2015.

Texas Phoenix

Phoenix is a female dragon boat team, so naturally, we had to start one for Texas!


Flashback began as a 80s dance party fundraiser for Austin Children’s Shelter. I wanted the logo to be timeless and applicable to any decade (or future dance party theme).

Sweet Spins

After years of losing under one team name, my tennis team finally decided to start the year with a new name. An all-women team must include a Beyonce lyric, of course.