The Thyroid, Head and Neck Cancer (THANC) Foundation was looking for a website for The Lane Project (eventually renamed Head & Neck Cancer Guide).


The site would help caregivers, family members (including children and teens), and patients themselves to navigate the hard journey. This included a small questionnaire (who you are, where are you in the journey, etc.) that would create a personalized guidebook with resources and information.

With so many audiences, the site had to curate the appropriate content to each.


My main role for this project was researching, and creating annotated wireframes for a very complicated dense site. The rest of the team included a front-end developer, a back-end development agency, content strategist, and the client with a board of directors.


While the annotated wires were time-consuming, they proved to be valuable to the client and a great tool for communicating our vision. The wires also worked as an user journey.


The site took over a year to plan and build, and can be found here: