Dorado design system

AppSumo had neither a design system or clear brand guidelines. Over the years, the site and brand became a mash of varying patterns, colors, and ideas. The goal of this project was to both build a design system and create a brand refresh. We called the system “Dorado,” which is Spanish for “golden,” our main brand color.

Company: AppSumo

01. Audit

Before I started a new system, I audited and documented and all its buttons, dropdown, text field, text styles, patterns, emails, etc.

02. Acceptance criteria

  • Must follow W3C AA guidelines.
  • Define new branding standards, including colors, logos, illustrations, graphics, typography.
  • Design new components from scratch.
  • Create easy-to-use library in Figma
  • Build Nuxt components.

03. Design & brand refresh

Dorado is a product that’s continuously being worked on, from a brand viewpoint, components, and development in code.


I partnered with our marketing designers and content team for a brand refresh. What is our voice? How many logo color variations do we allow? How do we build a system around all our divisions?

Figma library

I created three libraries: logos/branding, illustrations and graphics, design system components. This allowed all creators, including email designers or social media coordinators to build their own headers and backgrounds.

Nuxt for engineers

Due to resources, a contractor developer was hired to build components in Nuxt.

Dorado color swatches
Dorado buttons
Dorado text fields
Unicorn Design System text areas
Illustrations and graphics
Dorado tints & shades
Dorado typography
Dorado modals
AppSumo logos
Dorado people builder

04. Implementation

Dorado is continually being iterated based on if components work in real-life designs on our .com, the partner portal, emails, etc.