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Gift cards are one of the main sources of revenue for


The gift card landing page gave no indication of any ongoing promos, ways to check the balance, or find participating B&Bs. The funnel was also not mobile-friendly.

With email delivery, gift cards are easier to buy more than ever and the perfect last-minute gift. Amazon, Etsy, Home Depot, and Starbucks are some of the most popular gift cards due to ease of purchase and options for deliver (traditional mail or email).

Old designs


  • Reduce complexity on gift card signup page by reducing copy.
  • Re-skin with today’s design standards.
  • Combine step #1 (customize your gift) and step #2 (delivery information) into one page.
  • Step #3: update look/feel and content; reorganize page location for PayPal and promo code.
  • Rename all links to be SEO friendly (vanity urls).
  • Support for custom image upload modal.
  • Re-skin with today’s design standards.
User flow
User flow

Another issue the marketing team ran into was the physical gift card itself. The process was a tedious one that involved printing on an 8.5’x11″ in full-color, using a machine for tri-folds, sticking the (unattractive) gift card on the paper, and stuffing the envelopes.


Users were adults from early 30s to 60s. Gift cards were most popular purchases during wedding and holiday seasons.


The gift card packing system was reduced down to a few steps. Instead of printing full-color letter-size “backers,” we got pre-scored A4 “backers” printed by a local company that that had the logo in front that opened to To:/From:/Amount:/Message:/Card number. Internally, we only had to print the results of the user input, stick the gift card on, and stuff envelopes.

The old gift cards were also very outdated, so I chose new images and themes.

The entire funnel was broken down to three pages: marketing, customization and delivery options, and payment. The marketing page now includes the most current promo and more information about gift cards and how they work.


I worked with a small team of a product manager, UI dev, and a couple back-end guys. The marketing team gave feedback on the most popular places for promotional discount banners, and what they hoped for in regards to streamlining the physical gift card packing routine.


The old flow had the customization/selection starting on the marketing landing page. I suggested testing moving the initial steps to its own page and keeping the marketing page as just that. Of course, this was a controversial move as it’s another click to start the process, but after much testing (on the old flow), the idea won out.

The mobile responsive version was a success after an AB test, resulting in a mobile cart conversion of +16% at 69% significance and tablet cart conversion up +43% at 97% significance.

Tina L. Ho