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Responsive subscription cart

Subscription cart


The old HomeAway subscription cart was functional, clean, and easy to use, but it wasn’t responsive and didn’t fall into the HomeAway 3.0 design and product strategy. Moving forward, the company would no longer sell tiers and instead, simplify product offerings. Re-designing the cart meant planning one for new members, and for existing members looking to upgrade or renew.


As with most everything with HomeAway, globalization is important and shouldn’t be an after thought. For example, European countries use commas, not periods and some have the Euro symbol in front of the price and some have it other.


All owners from the brands (VRBO,, etc.) on the HomeAway platform.


Mobile first.

Subscription cart wires
Subscription cart wires


When designing responsively—especially in the days before the “mobile first” strategy– the instinct is to hide elements to fit everything into a tiny display. Since the cart elements and requirements were already pared down, I had no excuse to hide things. The payment summary was probably the biggest concern since it could run long, depending on the country or what you were buying.


I worked closely with the front-end developer and product manager at each phase of the project.

Test & iterate

The cart was deployed to one of the HomeAway platform brands,, and was tested before launching fully on the HomeAway US site.


The full deployment included a similar cart for existing subscribers to renew and/or upgrade their listings with translations or more units.

Tina L. Ho