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WP Engine Sign-up flow
WP Engine

Sign-up & subscription


  • The unassisted WP Engine sign-up flow for new users didn’t match the .com site or the User Portal. Due to its outdated UI, there was a lack of trust.
  • The one page checkout was overwhelming with too many options and unnecessary fields.
  • New customers were often not ready to purchase add-ons or were not the right person to make that decision.
  • With coupons, customers only got first payment off, but that was not indicated in any way.
  • Confirmation page was overwhelming with too much inactionable and confusing information, leading the new customer wondering what the next steps were.
Old sign-up flow
Old sign-up flow


Initially, the plan was to only update the UI to match the current User Portal (which is also outdated, but heading towards a new design system). Once the team looked at the project, we decided it was worth implementing the new design system and React components.

Version 2 Tab 1
Version 2 Tab 1

User flow

The proposed user flow was built on the future vision of implementing SSO and removing some technical confusion about how we build a site.

Sign-up user flow
Sign-up user flow


The new design uses our new design system, which also means it’s AA accessible. The experience is three tabs, and with the exception of a minimized “Address 2” and the Add-ons tab, there are only necessary fields. The confirmation page gives information about what’s happening next.

Test & Iterate


  • Are participants able to successfully sign-up for WP Engine?
  • What are participants initial reactions to the flows?


Modified unmoderated RITE testing via with 4 iterations


  • Recruited via
  • Current WordPress users who having purchasing power and aren’t current WPE customers.


  • The redesign workflow and Unicorn patterns tested very well. Participants liked the simple and predictable workflow and that the design was clean with a modern feel. Measurements indicated an improvement over the existing workflow.
  • Participants requested links to additional information about connecting to existing WP sites, why different data centers have different prices, and more information about each add-on.
  • Prior to adding the review page, participants were split on whether they expected a review page before the confirmation page or not. Once added, the review page tested well and increased purchase confidence.
  • They considered the confirmation page clear and appreciated the clarity of the timeline and to expect an email. Several participants said it exceeded their expectations.
Tina L. Ho